Lisboa e Vale do Tejo


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Lisboa e Vale do Tejo was one of the five Regions of Portugal (NUTS II subdivisions). Today two of the subregions are in the new Lisboa Region, two in the Centro Region and one in the Alentejo Region.

The region still exists as the area of intervention of the CDDR planning region.

It had 3,447,173 inhabitants (2001), and its area was 11,930 km².

Despite the territorial configuration for statistical purposes (National Statistical System in Portugal), in force since 2007, matching the NUTS II the Lisbon, Region Greater Lisbon (AML) - composed only NUTSIII Greater Lisbon and Setúbal Peninsula - the area of intervention of the CCDRLVT - Steering Committee and Regional Development, abbreviated to CCDR - (the Lisbon and the Tagus Valley), continues to be composed of 5 NUTSIII (Sub-regions: Greater Lisbon, Setúbal Peninsula, Middle Tagus, and Lezíria West Coast).