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We are a shop of vintage collectibles' articles, ideal for history enthusiasts, researchers, collectors or even if you're looking for an Anniversary gift with history.

We embrace subjects such as:

  • Bibliophilia/ Alfarrabista

  • Cartophilia

  • Deltiology

  • Notaphilia

  • Numismatics

  • Philately

  • Phillumeny

This is to say that we sell  vintage items such as Banknotes, Books, Brochures, Coins, Magazines, Maps&Guides, Matchboxes, Postcards and Stamps. Some items are rare, some are over 100 years old. Each item is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

We have a special page for antique articles over 100 years old due to their importance for their iconographic value.

Our articles are from different country of origin and we sell them worldwide.

Also, we want you to feel secure when shopping with us so beyond our own secure checkout, we accept Paypal payments.

​We strive to continually expand our online collection of vintage and rare articles to sell worldwide.


  • 2WORLDGROUP®  Trademark PT649802 - ..."We only choose the best !"

  • PT2WORLD®           Trademark PT391222 - ..."From Portugal to the World ! "

  • NASHOP®               Trademark PT649809 -..."Articles over 100 years old"

Handshake in the Office


Maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the entire sales and delivery process, ensuring that the customer is satisfied and eager to return for future transactions.


Sell articles from all countries of origin to the world! Have a global "world to world" approach.

Establish dedicated stores in various countries, offering a diverse range of authentic and typical products unique to each culture.

Keep emigrants connected to their roots, alleviating any nostalgia they may feel from being far away from their homeland.

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